Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The End

I have decided that this will be my last regular entry.

The trouble is, I am starting to enjoy this, and that is wrong.

It is wrong to be happy when others suffer.

It is wrong to be happy while children in Amerikkka are starving under the merciless forces of capitalism.

It is wrong to be happy while Zionists continue their extermination of the indigenous Sun People.

It is wrong to be happy while Republican Christian zealots are imposing a theocracy on us.

It is wrong, very wrong, unforgivably wrong, to be happy when there is a single person anywhere in the world who is worse off than you.

And because I am not a hypocrite, I will not allow any enjoyment in my life. Instead, I will suffer and suffer and suffer on behalf of all those others who are suffering.

And I invite you, dear reader, to suffer with me. If you are moral, you will suffer. And if you want a prison sentence (when we learn who you are), you will seek joy in this.

If I can achieve an iota of misery by writing again, perhaps I will.

I hate Amerikkka.


Lexcen said...

may I suggest cat 'o' nine tails, or maybe hair shirt for starters.

Force Tube Avenue said...


Even though you retire from active blogging, I rest assured that your bowels stand at the ready to release an attack on all things Amerikkan, Christotheocratic, and ice populi.

Ave atque vale.

Anonymous said...

And just when I was thinking that reading your blog gives me too much satisfaction - maybe I should quit.

You, of course, were way ahead of me again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Professor Kurgman,

please don't leave us! Your fight against powerty and racists acts of zionists is a sun shine of my everyday blogsurfing!

humanity, solidarty and total equality between all races is a goal that cannot be achieved without your great wisdom and guidance!

Peace and respect!


(Sadly only one PhD in environmental biology). Hope to be your student oneday!

Ali ibn Sharmootah said...

Now that you're leaving, I guess i'll have to blow myself up. (for peace of course and against Amerikkka and things lij=ke that and oh yeah the ZIONISTS made me do it etc)

Professor Peter Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

Seeing the suffering expressed in these comments brings happiness to me. Which means I did the wrong thing by quitting. Which makes me unhappy. Which means I am glad I quit. Which makes me happy. But being happy makes me suffer, so I should be unhappy to be happy.

I must conduct a seminar on the topic of happiness and suffering.

Laika the Space Dog said...

Comrade Professor Kurgman.
You are just stressed and need a little vacation. You have worked very hard and your achievements are applauded.

You should be proud to know that I have just received word stating you have been awarded the very first Ph.D in Kumbayology at Tehran
University that includes the prestigious Ahmadinejad Chair for the Humanities.

You now have 4 doctorates making you the second smartest person in the world after Hillary.

If indeed you do decide to take a well deserved sabbatical, I suggest letting Comrade Alva Goldbook take over your duties.
He is most qualified. Just visit his blog:


shlemazl said...

"Prof Kurgman lived. Prof Kurgman lives. Prof Kurgman will live forever." I must have read this at least 1000 times in my Soviet childhood, albeit the Soviets said this about Lenin.

Only now I can appreciate the statement. Every day I come across whole articles and speeches by prominent journalists and world leaders which are almost entirely plagiarized from your articles.

The curtain is down, but your ideas will live forever... except that noone can express them as well as you could.


Perhpas Kathy could carry the tourch?

Bensilly said...

I think I can speak for everyone when I say I suffer for all bloggers. I still and will always, use dial-up.

I take up suffering for all....

associatecontributor1 said...

You got a standing offer from TDL. Email us if you want.

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