Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Four Pillars of Humanity

What makes us human?

This is a question which is too-often ignored, and also one that I am uniquely qualified to expound upon. And I am not referring to the biological differences between people and animals -- but I instead wish to explore those qualities that define our humanity.

1) Giving, Sharing and Generosity. Giving what is yours to someone else is human. Giving to the needy is human. Giving to those who ask is human. Giving to the oppressed is human. Ideally, we should all give to each other. I give you a dollar and you give me a dollar. Or better yet, we should pool our two dollars into a communal bank, and then withdraw whatever we need. Actually, make that a three-dollar deposit to cover administrative expenses. And let's invite the entire international community into our glorious bank! The entire planet will contribute everything they have into a communal bank! Yes, the bank will need oversight, but that's what I and my colleagues are for. Everyone will be an account holder at The People's Bank. And we can even use some of the funds to teach everyone why they must join. And perhaps spend a few People's Dollars for enforcement against enemies who wish to destroy our bank by not cooperating. The World's People, in solidarity: That is generosity.

2) Questioning Authority. We are not sheep to be helplessly led by the throat by whoever decides to be in charge. This is why I scoff at the police who tell me to stand behind the barricades. This is why I ignore the university administrators who have the audacity to approach me. This is why I sneer at anyone who tries to enforce the fascist "ten items or less" line at the food co-op. This is why I support resistant movements (Palestine, China, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and The Shining Path) against their brutal oppressors (Israel, Taiwan, Amerikkka, and Amerikkka). Our fight against authority expresses itself as fighting, resisting, and struggling. Endless fighting, endless resisting, and endless struggling. And our reward will be the preservation of our humanity.

3) Respecting Strong Leadership. Humanity requires guidance. Strong, benevolent, and wise guidance. Or, put another way, one billion Chinese couldn't have been wrong to be faithful followers of Mao! On our own, we are lost -- but visionary leadership can bring us everything from universal equality to increased chromium production. Or, by way of illustration, look at how inhuman Amerikkkans respect a weak moron like Bush, but the strong Syrian people display their humanity by showing their unconditional allegiance to the powerful leadership of Bashar Assad. And have you seen the fiery speeches of the deeply religious Mulim imams? That is leadership! A true leader would never hesitate, never equivocate, never change his mind, and will always be firm, decisive, and have a superhuman grasp of all knowledge with the kindness to use his powers to help The People. Don't get me wrong...I admire President Gore as much as anyone, but it is more human to respect Kim Il-Sung.

4) Honesty. When I am in the food co-op, I unhesitatingly tell the clerk how much I hate him. That is honesty. When a stranger greets me, I snap back, "Keep your superficial pleasantries to yourself, you Nazi." When I am in an elevator and have digestive issues, I force flatulence then and there. I do not hide armpit bacterial odors behind an artificial shield of deodorant; such actions are being dishonest with nature. I am who I am, and others must accept me that way. My behavior is unconstrained and honest. My feelings are unconstrained and honest, and I will therefore express them in their most basic and visceral form. And feelings are, ultimately, what must guide us.

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