Friday, August 04, 2006

Kathy: The Root Causes of The Lebanese Genocide

PhD candidate Kathy has submitted a paper extraordinaire on the root causes of the Lebanese Genocide. I must share it with you.


a paper extraordinaire on the root causes of the lesbanese genocide

by kathy

i am like so pissed?

i mean, like, what the hell is going on with jews killing lesbanese children? like, how fucked up is that? i was all, like, watching cnn? and it's always the same story? jews attack, and hizbolla defends themselves? jews shoot and lesbanese civilians die? jews bomb and lesbanese children die? i am so pissed at jews! why do they have to, like, kill children all the time? and i feel so bad for the lesbanese people. motherfucker jews! i mean, when even the fucking fascist pigs at cnn show zionist crimes, you like sooooo know how guilty the jews are!

i am like so over having jewish friends! and i'm like seeking out arab friends and especially lesbian friends because, like, lesbanon is where lesbians can marry? not like in fucking amerikkka! i'll bet the amerikkkans and fucking zionist pigs are attacking lesbanon just because they have gay marriages there? i am like, you know, the least sexist person i know, even less than professor kurgman himself. yeah, like fuck me and shit, because if you're a guy, you're just born sexist? it's in their fucking testerone or whatever? i mean, i can't help that, like i'm like, really really good-looking, ok? but i know too many guys who hate me only because of my looks and because i'm a womyn who won't take their heterocentric bullshit? and, like these days i'm just too fucking involved with fighting for the lesbanese rights and getting the word out about zionist asshole hitler-bush and socialist revolution to get involved with their, like, so totally racist i so totally forgot my point, so just fuck you?

i mean, i don't know yet if i'm a lesbian? i mean, i went dumpster diving the other might with the freegan lesbians of color (floc), and, like, i so wish i was a minority of color too? but no, my fucking goddam white parents had to fucking breed with each other and make this white bitch -- and believe me, i can be a bitch! like, dad, why couldn't you breed with a womyn of color, you racist creep? hello? and mom? yeah, fuck you mom! you had to be, like, such a selfish cunt to have sex with a guy, let alone a white guy? misogynist much? hello? i mean, why the fuck didn't you just take a frozen sperm of color and at least make half a baby worth anything? mom? hello? you're a murdering bitch! i hate you guys! i wish i was dead because of you!

but just like you killed my alternate-color half, you pay taxes to the zionist war machine to kill other babies? like, you weren't happy killing your own baby, so now you have to kill other people's babies? so here i am, watching cnn, and seeing pictures of you killing me again and again? i am those lesbian lesbanese lebsian WHATEVER babies, and you and your caterpillar tanks and guns and fucking nazi jews are mass murdering me in front of the whole fucking world? like, ALL MY FRIENDS ARE WATCHING YOU KILL ME AND RAPE ME? so fuck me and fuck you, because me and hizbollah are like one? and we're going to resist you? and our struggle? and our revolution? and like i so much fucking hate you and like i like you know i made me forget my point again? so like just rot. assholes.

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Lexcen said...

Fuck me dead man. Yu are so,like right on.I feel like,you know,getting a few comrades together and marching in the streets, get the fuckin' pigs angry and stuff. Go forth and multiply.

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