Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11: Reflection and Outrage

Today is the Fifth Anniversary of “9/11”, and (assuming that anything of importance actually happened on that date) it is therefore a day of reflection and outrage.


I reflect on the billions of Muslims who must now live in fear of the terrible ongoing genocidal backlash against them.

I reflect on the spirit of renewal and hope, as exemplified by academia’s touching embrace of ex-President Muhammed Khatami of Iran.

I reflect on the joy in Palestine, amid Zionist oppression. How do these people manage to stay so happy?

I reflect on the Brotherhood of Humans, and how we work together towards common goals

I reflect on the 33rd Anniversary of the death of President Salvador Allende, and how we, as a World Community, must finish his Socialist Dream.

I reflect on the peaceful Eastern philosophy of Juche.


I am outraged at how Mr. Bush and his monstrous clan have eliminated every last one of our freedoms.

I am outraged at how the Mossad choreographed the entire “9/11” series of events to distract the world from the extermination, in gas chambers, of the Palestinian People.

I am outraged at how Amerikkka has become a Christian theocratic slave-state, thank you Bush.

I am outraged at how the Zionist war machine gets away with invading every country in the Middle East, and beyond, from Morocco to Malaysia – stealing their wealth and leaving them in utter deprivation.

I am outraged at the mistreatment of President Saddam Hussein; it is not too late to reverse the tragic rape of Iraq by reinstating President Hussein to his rightful throne.

I am outraged that Burger King disrespected Islam, and that AIDS is being spread by Snapple.

Yes, I sing the sad songs of reflection -- and in rage, I violently smash my office furniture. I weep for the Palestinians, for Muslims, for Socialists, for Fidel, and for Sun People everywhere. But my anger knows know bounds for my deep loathing of Amerikkka, Zionists, Ice People, and capitalists everywhere. It is for my love of humanity that I direct my intense hatred towards enemies of progressive thought. I do not care how many times the University replaces my furniture; our message must be heard.


lexcen said...

take a pill, or take a course in anger management. It's not becoming for a Professor to lose his cool.

Anna Koestenbauer said...

You big Man. I Think Masculinity bad and oppressive. But having big man in name of all comrades... this I like. Big man like Comrade Stalin! Smash more furniture Comrade Professor!

Don said...

Professor; By smashing the furniture in your office you merely allow the Imperialist Zionist Oppressor-Class Reactionary Fascists in the University administration to cover over your righteous indignation with their Deviationist Revisionism.

I say you should take your production of kindling-wood out to the public areas of the University. Possibly the cafeteria or the common areas. Better still, grab a fire axe and smash up the faculty club - preferably while the Revisionist Nazis in are entertaining Little Capitalist Hitlers, toadying to them in hopes of attracting endowments.

Better still, favor as many Little Hitlers with the contents of your gastric passages right down the front of their $5000 Savile Row suits; just as you do at the coop.

Only in this way will the Progressive Cause of the People be best Served!

Blogger said...

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