Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Frightened Stingray Resists Steve Irwin

I am appalled and angered. And shocked. And saddened. And more, by the lack of sympathy given to the plight of the oppressed stingray, who, in her struggle for liberation, resisted the disproportionate advances of Steve Irwin. The stingray is a noble animal with more rights to live than any so-called "human" -- let alone an aggressive war-mongering monster like Steve Irwin. This is a person, after all, who publicly praised Australian Prime Minister and genocidal maniac John Howard. This is a person who has, for years, exploited innocent animals for his selfish capitalist gain.

Sound familiar?

The Zionist Steve Irwin went up against the Palestinian Stingray, and the Stingray successfully resisted! And yet, where is the United Nations? Where is the Nobel Committee?

Where is The Stingray?

If you, Precious Stingray, are reading this, then please contact me. I will arrange to put you on an academic lecture circuit to enlighten our youth about your cause, and our mutual enemies.

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