Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two Deaths. One Monster. One Leader.

Two Deaths. One Monster. One Leader. Many Comparisons.

Gerald Ford
Saddam Hussein
Weak capitalist lackey

Strong socialist leader

Physically unattractive
Bold chiseled features



Aggressive war mongering Zionist stooge

Protector of Iraqi people

Clumsy (as documented on Saturday Night Live)

Degenerate pasty-white children

Visionary and happy-go-lucky sons

Alcoholic wife

Loyal many wives
Stole money by not raising taxes

Generously gave to the families of Palestinian Martyrs

Cruelly refused to bail out New York City when it faced bankruptcy

Generously shared mustard gas with the Kurdish population
Finger on the "nuclear button", terrorized the world

Defensive construction of weapons-grade nuclear power plant for peaceful power-generation purposes only, destroyed by Zionists
Pardoned the ultimate criminal: Dog Nixon

Protected and helped resistance fighters Abu Nidal and Mohammed Atta

Attempted to defend Amerikkka

Defended others against Amerikkka

Saddam, we miss you...


Red Tulips said...



He was such a beautiful man, and exemplified the true spirit of resistance against the Zionist Amerikkkan conspiracy, and he is gooooone!!!

He shouldget a people's state funeral with all the important heads of state to honor him - you know, Chavez, Ahmedinajad, Mugabe, Bashir...

I call a travesty that he had no such glorious people's state funeral!

Lexcen said...

Didn't Saddam Hussein wage war against that evil old man Ayatollah Khomeini? We can at least thank him for that.

Anonymous said...

Professor Kurgman,

Which side do you support in the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Fatah? I am at a loss because both sides seem to hate Zionists. Please help. Thanks.

Professor Peter Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...


You are not anonymous; you are a Zionist instigator.

Your question is like asking, "Who do you support, the working class or the underclass?" Zionist trickery at its most sneaky!

All conflicts are instigated by the Zionists; they are the most treacherous catalysts. One therefore cannot choose between Hamas and Fatah. Instead, one must support Hamas, Fatah, and all the other oppressed in their struggle against Zionism, capitalism, and so-called "freedom".

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