Monday, April 16, 2007

It's Funny Because It's True: Nixon & Bush

Back in the day when I was publicly defecating on Amerikkkan flags to protest the abhorrent policies of the ogre Nixon, it did not occur to me that someday, Nixon would resurface in a different guise.

Yes, I'm looking at your grotesque visage, Mister Bush. You are not as crafty as the treacherous Mr. Nixon was, but your vacuousness is a perfect complement to the homicidal KKKristianist crimes committed by your godbag cronies. But the people have your number. Your fear-mongering tactics about so-called "nuclear weapons" being developed in Iran are nothing more than a contrivance designed to distract us from attorney firings. But your scheme will not work. Just as your CIA-planned "9/11" did not distract us, neither will your Iranian bogeyman distract us from your abhorrent scandals.

My life has been one constant battle against genocidal criminals and genocidal morons/chimpanzees.

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