Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Democrats Are Racists?

Like anyone else, I get most of my news by reading Daily Kos. So, I was naturally quite surprised, confused, and conflicted when I read the news that Democrats are racist.

"And while Clinton gets 72 percent of the Democratic vote, Obama is getting just 57 percent. Some of that may be the racist vote..."
Now, if racists vote for Hillary, and only registered Democrats are allowed to vote in the Democratic primaries, that means that there are Democrats are racist!

As I said, surprised, confused, and conflicted.

Then again, of course those Kentucky white-trash redneck KKKristianist hillbillies are racist!

It's very simple, peeps: Every vote for Obama is an enlighted decision based on thoughtful inquiry and a careful objective analysis based on sound facts. And every vote against Obama is a confession of the most hateful and depraved racism; the very kind that still enslaves people of color -- and has earned Amerikkka (and it's Zionist puppet-masters) a well-deserved reputation as being the most vile and putrid nation that has ever been formed.

We need change.

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