Friday, June 13, 2008

My Colleagues in The News

This proves it beyond all doubt: Crime is caused by white people planning recessions in order to get rich:

Surge in NY Violent Crime Linked to Recession

“For many people of color, this is not a recession, it’s a depression,” said Dr. Kirkland Vaughns, an associate professor at Adelphi University. “If whites were unemployed at this 50 percent rate, they’d be calling it a depression.”

I don’t think people have very many options if unemployment is at 50 percent,” psychiatrist and author Dr. James McIntosh told the AmNews. “They’ve cut all the benefits, there’s no housing, no work. People have to see an alternative.”

Far from the governing bodies being unaware of the circumstances that drive the desperate to consider criminal enterprise, McIntosh said, “I think they plan on it. Look at the criminal justice system; their style of policing. They create the problem in particular communities, then they have extra observations and monitoring in terms of police officers; then they put the people in jail and make money off of it.

“I have no empirical data that there is a correlation between recession and the increase in the crime rate, and I don’t think there is any [data], but I absolutely believe that there is one,” said Dr. Vaughns, a professor of clinical psychology and psychological analyst.


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