Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mugging Hoax

Supposedly, a 20-year old McCain volunteer was beaten by a "6-foot 4-inch black man" who then carved the letter "B" on her face. The claim is that he saw her McCain bumper sticker and then attacked.

I call bullshit!

A) It is obvious that the injuries are fake and/or self-inflicted.

B) The accusation is racist.

C) Such an event is physically impossible. Warm Sun People do not attack Cold Ice People. (You can read more about Sun People and Ice People here.)

Need more evidence? Well, here you go: The forensics experts speak out!

I am FAR more frightened of Sarah Palin than any fictitious racist claim about "black men".

Besides, she had it coming.

God DAMN Amerikkka!

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