Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reason To Vote For O-BA-MA!!

Apparently, this video has been around for a few months, though I just happened to come across it.

It alone provides all the reasons you need for voting for Barack Obama.

And to think that all the while, my main source of inspiration was this:

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chimpeach said...

Just the thought of a President who receives advice and inspiration from such a wise thinker as Rev. Jeremiah Wright fills me with joy.

I was leaning toward Cynthia McKinney who is clearly the deepest thinker in this election, but the people in that video make such a compelling case and the chanting seals the deal for me. I am sure McKinney would make a great Sec. of State - make it happen...


Hopefully everyone is required to chant this mantra for 30 minutes each morning once he is elected. I think it would be a great exercise in global unity.

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