Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Nightmare is Over

Our eight-year nightmare is over.

Never in history has there been a more cruel regime than what we have suffered through under the moron-sadist. No people have suffered more than we have. No one. Ever.

The Republican Holocaust is over, and we are the Holocaust Survivors.

Even now, it is nearly impossible to comprehend the enormity of the cruelty that has been inflicted on us: Torture, lies, and the complete destruction of our most basic human rights.

I say: Never again!

And so: Let The Revolution begin!

First: End the fascist propaganda machine! Remember: A government that is needed to do anything is a government that has the right to do everything.

Second: Allow our true friends to embrace change:

Russia to station missiles near Poland
In an assertive first annual address to the nation, [Medvedev] defended Russia's war with Georgia, appealed to nationalism and attacked Washington's "selfish" foreign policy and "economic blunders" which he said caused the global financial crisis.
Third: Oppressed people, unite!

American elections "a historic intifada named Barack Obama"

Praising in advance the benefits of victory Obama, Atwan said that "(...) the expected change in the USA will undoubtedly have its positive impact on us, Arabs and Muslims, who have suffered a Administration past eight years under the control of Zionists, with the hold-up of the Israeli lobby whose objective is to destroy the Arab world and Islam
It will take many years to undo The Holocaust; we must begin at once.



shlemazl said...

YES WE CAN! Hope! Change! Love! Taxes! Improve the world! Proactive engagement! Critical role! Interational community! Stimulate!

I would love to continue with my bid of becoming Obama's policimaker but in the mean time I have to go and clean my teeth.

theMickey's said...

I'm surprised, well not really, you haven't figured out why Obama was elected.

It's because he was the chosen 1 to be the patsy. He was set up just like all the black American mayors. Dropped right into his lap.

White America takes a shit, and black America gets to clean it up. White America invented, TRICK.

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