Monday, January 23, 2006

College Sophomore Stumps Moron Bush

Q: My name is Tiffany Cooper. I’m a sophomore here at Kansas State and I was just wanting to get your comments about education. Recently 12.7 billion dollars was cut from education. I was just wondering how is that supposed to help our futures?

You can read Bush's dimwitted answer here; suffice it to say that he is an idiot and an embarrassment.

Wake up, people! 12.7 Billion dollars is alot of money to gut from education, and if you can't see why this is so wrong, allow me to explain it to you:

1. Before government-sponsored student-loan programs began in 1957, there was no such thing as education. America was populated by an even dumber population than it has now, and they got by exlusively on subsistence farming.

2. Student loans enabled the United States to attempt to reach the high educational standards of the Soviet Union. See here for more.

3. Student loans are like free money. All you have to do is ask, and the government hands it to you. There is no cost. It's just a big win-win.

4. My services do not come cheap. If you want your children to be instructed by tenured enlightened progressives like me, then someone must pay them. If I was in the corporate world, I would be making at least ten times as much, but I am making great financial sacrifices for our nation's future. And that's why the government must lend you billions so that you can pay me.

Trust me, I'm worth every penny.

Make that win-win-win.

Now can we impeach that idiot Bush?


McJenny said...

Yippee! Student loans are like free money?? You mean they don't have be paid back - with interest? I can't wait to tell my 4 college graduate daughters. The oldest daughter has been out of college since 1996 and has paid back all but $1000 - suppose she can get a refund? My youngest is a 3rd year vet student who has student loans that now total somewhere between $80,000 and $100,000 with one more year to go. Wait till I tell her it's free money - she'll be thrilled. I won't even mention the other two daughters...What planet are you on?

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