Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Musings on Other Cultures II: Holiday Celebrations

Yes, as a citizen of the world, I am a firm believer in multiculturalism. And yet, I ponder...and ponder...do we really have multiculturalism in the United States? No, we do not. What we do have is white-bread corporate oppression of minorities, women, and persons of alternative genders.

Our oppressors are soft, fat, and depraved -- a perfect reflection of Middle America, a place that is a product of Republican-produced Hollywood depravity (which is also forced on the World Community!) and a complete moral void.

Our only hope is honest multiculturalism, one that embraces the purity of Earth and nature, as expressed by cultures that are vastly superior to this cesspool that is called "America". We have so much to learn from other cultures, so much to gain by following their lead. The common uneducated man in America should take a good look at these pictures and realize that the world is far larger, far more diverse, and far more moral than the rotten entity of The United States.

I am ashamed of being an American.

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