Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New York Moves to Limit Colleges That Seek Profit

According to The New York Times (really, the only source of information that one needs), New York State has

imposed a moratorium on new commercial colleges in the state, in the face of explosive growth in their enrollments and increasing reports of problems.
I applaud the People of New York for making this courageous decision.

"Problems" indeed!! Just as profits have been ruinous to every other aspect of life, profits are inimical to academic excellence. That is, we are talking about our youth and our future. They deserve nothing but an honest education; i.e., one where money is not a consideration.

In commercial colleges, professors have no tenure. Is that a recipe for a quality education?

In commercial colleges, there are no billion-dollar endowments that free the institution from the corruption of money. Is that a recipe for quality education?

In commercial colleges, there is a focus on dreary mind-numbing "practical" educations that reduce the pupil to a menial apprentice. There is no emphasis on progressive ideals or People's Causes. Is that a recipe for quality education?

Commercial colleges advertise! How obscene!

In commercial colleges, will you ever find a teacher like Professor Peter Kurgman? Is that a recipe for quality education?

Stop them and stop them now!

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