Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Robertson: Homosexuals Kill Children and Use Their Blood for Rituals

This is completely beyond the pale, and I am totally livid. How dare that vile Pat Robertson make such despicable hate-filled lies about the gay community? The Christian Right has gone too far this time, and I say they must be stopped -- no matter what it takes.

In 1983, about 150 French children were murdered in a horrible way in the suburbs of Paris, before a homosexual holiday. Later research showed that the homosexuals had in fact killed them and taken their blood. This event caused riots in Paris, and the French government found itself under pressure. A similar incident took place in London, when many English children were killed by homosexuals. These two incidents still haunt the minds and souls of the Europeans, but due to the growing influence of the homosexual lobby in Europe - or to be precise, the influence of the homosexuals - these two incidents are, unfortunately, never mentioned."

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