Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Dream of Senators

After I enjoy my nightly warm cup of curdled Soy-Moo, I go to sleep and dream. Most often, my sweetest dreams are of United States Senators. Yes, I also dream of the State Assembly and sometimes the sanitation district, but my most joyous nights are comprised of fantasy senators.

And I am not alone: A Dream, by Kos

Mr. Kos is clearly a right-wing zealot.

My dreams take me to more humane, and yes, caring, fantasy senatorial candidates, such as:

Lenora Fulani

Daniel Ortega

The late Gus Hall


However, I do agree with Mr. Kos on Bernie Sanders. In fact, some of my most vivid and wondrous fantasies include Congressperson Sanders.

I even meet Mr. Kos in my dreams occasionally. And I’ll bet that when he isn’t dreaming of senators, Mr. Kos dreams of me!

Meet me at the sanitation district tonight, Mr. Kos – we’ll go freegan diving, and then…who knows?!?

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