Sunday, May 28, 2006

Iran, Iraq, North Korea: I AM SO SORRY!

Here's a heartbreaking message from Arkansas University Lecturer Alice Stephens to The Hon. President Ahmadinejad of Iran:

I'm very sad in my heart about some things that have been said about your country. I wish to ask you to forgive my president for some of the things that he has said - specifically, that Iran is of "the axis of evil." I don't believe that, and I want to break those words over this country. I break them. And I speak blessing over Iran, in the name of Jesus.

You can see this brave woman speak here.

Professor Stephens, I admire you. And in honor of your courage, I too will send messages:


To The Great President Saddam Hussein of Iraq:

I am very sad in my heart that the war-mongering Amerikan barbarians attacked your country without provocation. Please forgive Ameri
ka for their brutal murder of Uday and Qusay, and for the destruction of your benevolent leadership. All Amerikans want to put Bush on trial and sentenced to a small dirt hole. I speak blessing over your family, in the name of all humanity.

To Your Highness, Great Leader Kim Il-Sung:

I am very said that, as you are deceased, you cannot be with us to admire the great country that you are still in control of. Please forgive the United States for threatening your people, but also please remember to smash Amerika, as you promised. I too want to smash Amerika. I praise your great na
tion; may you achieve glory for all eternity.


Professor Stephens, PhD, I know that you must be suffering. Rest assured that I suffer too. We all suffer under this imperial so-called “president” and his genocidal tactics.

Thank you for allowing me to join you in communicating our feelings to the world’s oppressed.


shlemazl said...

"I want to break those words over this country..." Tell me, is this a Christian tradition to break spells? As a Jew I only break wind not words.

Anonymous said...

I am the woman in this article and I am NOT a lecturer at UA. I was visiting Iran 2.5 yr ago and was speaking to a group of students. I was a speaker at a conference on "peace". I do not support the government of Iran, Iraq or N. Korea. I do support, pray for and love the people of God in those countries being held hostage to unreasonabl governments. I support our President but do not agree that the nation is evil in any way. I do not wish to be known for obvious reasons.

I almost fainted when I came across this and other articles. If you look at the photos of the Alice Stephens at UA, you will see that we are two different people.

The scriptures say that our words hold the power of life and death. I simply spoke "life and blessing" over the nation of Iran. Iran craddled many prophets and Cyrus was used of God to release the Jews. May the spirit of Cyrus be loosed over Iran and the Prince of Persia be bound up.

This is a time to pray.

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