Friday, May 26, 2006

Stop The Genocide!!

I'm not religious. In fact, all religious people (except Muslims) ought to be imprisoned. But I can think of no better way to express myself than saying THANK GOD FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES AND THE NEW YORK CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION.

Window Opens on City Tactics Among Muslims (The Times might charge to read this article because it costs money to defend a free press against Republican attacks.)

First off, we are lucky to have The New York Times expose the atrocities and crimes of Amerika, from Abu leaking Amerika's plans of aggression whenever they can. And we are lucky that The Times shares FBI, military, and police techniques to "combat terrorism". An informed populace is a progressive populace. And the vicitms of Amerikan crimes, from the Palestinian streets to the Iranian Parliament to the Saudi Arabian mosques are entitled, by the First Ammendment, to know the truth.

And now the latest horror: Mosque Infiltration! How DARE the police work undercover in the Islamic Community? How DARE they practice this GENOCIDE against benevolent Sun People? Oh yes, George W. Goebbels, try to smooth this one over. Bush, you filthy fascist thug, Hugo was right: You are far worse than Hitler.

Fortunately, The New York Civil Liberties Union has a fair solution:

You don't see the F.B.I. hanging out in churches and bookstores in Little Italy hoping to run into the mob, yet that's what the N.Y.P.D. is doing in Muslim communities in its search for Muslim extremists.

I agree. Let's put the F.B.I. in churches. Let's put the F.B.I. in bookstores. Let's put them everywhere; it's worked before, and it will work again. Of course, the F.B.I. employees will need to be completely replaced with progressive working class volunteers, but it will work. Let's put them in Republican Party offices, let's put them in the stock exchange, and let's put them in The Pentagon. (Or at least what is left of the Pentagon after Dick Cheney himself detonated a bomb in it on Sept. 11, 2001 to kill off people who knew too much.)

No more Islamic scapegoats! No more capitalism! And no more war against Sun People! Yes, Casey Sheehan speaks to me, too: "I'm with my mom and with you too, Professor Kurgman, PhD PhD PhD. Stop this war on Islam, but never stop fighting."

I promise: I will never stop fighting.

I detest Amerika.

Update: Mafia Bookstores in Little Italy

I had a student do some research on Mafia bookstores in Little Italy (Zip Code 10012) and here is what we found. The NYC Civil Liberties Union knows what it speaks of…Gangsters Galore!

New York University Info Ctr

Used Book Cafe

Scholastic Retail Store

Village Comics

Housing Works

Mc Nally Robinson Booksellers

NYU Professional Book Store

Mercer Street Books & Records

Untitled Fine Art In Print

Renaissance the Book

Science Fiction Shop

Oscar & Evelyn Inc

As a community, we must watch one another, continuously.


douglass said...

Professor Kurgman,

We have already discussed that athought I am a freshman, I deserved the previously unheard of grade of 'F-‘ for concluding my term paper with the slogan "down with the Islamic Republics of the world"

But, really, don't you think sending a bulk email to the faculty about me being an
“Apartheid mongering racist apologetic and right-wing pro-genocide polemic” was a bit harsh?

shlemazl said...

Is it right that the Italian mob hangs out in bookstores??? My image of the mob comes from Hollywood. Will never trust them again.

shlemazl said...

Thanks for the update.

The only sensible option for FBI would be to stop their disgusting racial profiling!

They should start looking for Muslim extremists in the churches and book stores in Little Italy.

Don said...

"They should start looking for Muslim extremists in the churches and book stores in Little Italy."

No, No, No Shlemazl you shlemeil!

There is only one place to look for Muslim extremists. It should be obvious even to such as you.

The FBI should infiltrate the synagogues and the yeshivas. This is where you will find the culprits....

shlemazl said...

Azoy vert dos kichel tzekrochen!

Thanks, Don.

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