Friday, May 26, 2006

I Weep on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is once again upon us, and I weep for those whom we have lost. To those who perished in selfless service to others, I weep, I howl, and I wale.

On this Memorial Day, let's remember those who have fallen so that we may have.

Let's remember the brave Cuban people who risked it all to overthrow Batista and install North America's only socialist paradise (for now...).

Let's remember the youth of yesterday, who gave their lives to police thugs while protesting the Vietnam War. And let's meditate on the charity of those who assisted the Vietcong in their struggle against American aggression.

Let's remember the Cambodian Revolution, and its valiant efforts to protect them from American war-mongering criminal Nixon.

Let's remember the Cultural Revolution, and how so many gave their all in hopes for a World revolution.

Let's remember our fallen brothers and sisters who brought aid and comfort to the Sandinistas during the oppression of the tyrant Ronald Reagan.

Let's remember those brave leaders who died while serving their people, such as Enver Hoxha, Erich Honecker, and the murdered Nicolae Ceausescu.

Let's remember the history-transforming reign of the Late Kim Il-Sung!

But most of all, let's remember the atrocities of the late 1980s that lead to the formation of abominations such as "Estonia", "Armenia", and "Ukraine". Throughout the 20th Century, the brave Soviet People stood alone in the fight against fascism and solving the Zionism Problem. As one, they were the planet's best hope for universal scientific socialism , forming a moral barrier against the malevolent forces of capito-fascism. From the People's Revolution to the People's Necessary Sacrifices, the great Soviet People had a remarkable vision of equality and industrial production that will never again be matched. They identified their enemies and were embraced by their friends. They knew the value of work, and its rewards. They established a state where everyone had full rights and where there was no envy; i.e. a place where people mattered. A state with every modern luxury and no poverty. Luckily for them, they were immune from the poison of American culture. Sadly, they are no longer.

I weep on Memorial Day.


saba said...

i weep with u!

shlemazl said...


Kathy, is one Proferssor's best students. She is about to graduate and there will be a vacancy.

Prof. Kurgman thinks that you are qualified to apply for an advanced PhD course in

"Desemiotic Cultural Paradigms and Peace Education".

Isn't it a wonderful opportunity?

Bensilly said...

yes yes

Eli said...
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