Friday, June 02, 2006

Stupid Question of The Day

A student approached me the other day and asked, “Professor Kurgman, why is it that you are such a proponent of unlimited Mexican immigration to the United States, but are also so vehemently opposed to Jews moving to the West Bank -- which isn’t even moving to a different country? Isn’t it racist to prevent people from choosing where to live because they are Jewish?”

My answer was to tell this pupil that he had better attend some sensitivity sessions if he wants a passing grade in my class. This is a university, and not a KKK convention.


Douglass said...

Professor Kurgman, as we have discussed before, your precious people of color can’t save you from my uncle in the department of Homeland Security.

I'm not going to any of your cpusa sensitivity classes.



shlemazl said...

How stupid can you get? Those aren't people. They are
S E T T L E R S from the moment they are born.

douglass said...

Professor Kurgman,

Shlemazl is right. One day Gaza will (-by the grace of the Almighty-) buckle under the weight of Jewish immigration.

P.S. I’m still not going to your precious sensitivity classes.

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