Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Phony "Terror" Alert

Yesterday’s so-called "terror" plot proves beyond any doubt that the globe is being run by the corporate family of Halliburton, The Zionist Organization of America, and Henry Kissinger. And if you doubt that, I ask you to consider whether it was merely coincidence that this so-called "story" broke on the day of Ned Lamont's victory over the war-mongering Zionist Lieberman. Because the truth of the matter is that I have not heard a single denial that those arrested were wearing their Mossad ID tags. And, for that matter, note how the targeted airlines were based in The United States; is it not at all suspicious that no one was threatening El Al?

Have you read a single denial that Jews were instructed to stay away from all flights for the next six months?

The enemy has found a scapegoat (or does anyone honestly believe that anyone would want to commit suicide for the sake of killing others?), and while Maximum Leader Fidel is staging a miraculous recovery, Comrade Putin is restoring the honor of the CCCP, Comrade Chavez is speaking truth to power, Hezbollah successfully resists the unrelenting onslaughts of the land-grabbing Zionist murderers, and other oppressed people do what is right, we are instead focusing on fabrications, lies, and frauds that are being invented by the CIA.

Bush and Co. are completing their transformation of Amerikkka into a Christian theocracy -- as the Holocaust of gays, lesbians, transgender, and the gender-impaired continues unabated. This is what a police state looks like, peeps, where our every phone conversation is tapped, our email is read, and our feelings are disregarded. They have access to our every private matter. They know where we live, they know where we work, and they know our bank-account information. But as BushCo weakens the tax code, the IRS will lose this valuable information. Our privacy has been eliminated, and we will lose our ability to pay taxes. Yes, that's real welfare. Welfare for Halliburton.

Why focus on the federal debt when they can direct our gaze to the lies about Islam? At a time when spending should increase, the deficit should decrease, taxes should go up, invasion of privacy should go down, outsourcing of jobs should end, sending assistance to Palestinians should increase, poor people should be made rich, rich people should be sent to prison, and everyone should surrender all material possessions, we are instead being taught to hate. Yes, that's the Amerikkkan way for you: Hate hate, hate. Drag the moneybag fuckers into the gutter for a good beating, and they will still hate.

Yes, I was proud of my government for saving the Branch Davidian children by burning down their compound with them in it. And I was proud when we enforced the peace in Europe by dropping bombs on Serbia. And neither I nor my colleagues, nor my students, would have considered a protest against our President Clinton's decision to attack Iraq. Back then, we had morals, we had a vision, and we had a program. And then, President Gore was overthrown by a Christian coup -- and the new Moron-in-Chief, when not raping college interns, was engineering plane crashes into skyscrapers that never actually happened anyway. So don't tell me about your damn racist insinuations about young men attempting to blow up airplanes. You respond like the cowards that you are; in fear, you weep. In compassion, I weep.

White people don't "get it".


shlemazl said...

"Moron-in-Chief, when not raping college interns..." Does this refer to a specific rape?

The only proven and supported by hard evidence theory that I am aware of is that he is having his wicked way with Condi.

Sudif said...

Dear Professor Dr Dr Dr Kurgman,

This time you're actually not the only one to see through the fog of lies: this site is on to the plot as well.

Also, you should check out this inclusive and sensitive take on the problem: UK Panel Asks: Why Do They Hate Airplanes?

Professor Peter Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

Thank you, Sudif...Americablog will become a must-read of mine.

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