Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hugo Chavez: Hero of The University!

The electricity of the World Leaders who convened at the United Nations this week was too much for me to resist. And so, I was lured to New York to help organize a victory celebration afterwards, featuring the People's Hero, Hugo Chavez, at a prominent college.

The crowd in the Cooper Union auditorium was standing shoulder to shoulder (in solidarity!), listening, watching, and perspiring. And yes, being human, producing the most delightful diversity of sweet flatulence that has entered my nostrils in some time.

Hugo's magnetism, warmth, and compassion left me spellbound. I was fixated on this glorious soldier of truth as he spoke of his fight against oppression, racism, and genocide. It was, truly, an epic event.

I am optimistic about today's youth; I have never been so proud of my academic affiliations. Events like this can only end well.


shlemazl said...

I have no words. This brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Anonymous said...


When can we next expect an entry from you?? I fear I will have no response to reactionary, imperialist arguments if your absence lasts much longer!

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