Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today is International Womyns Day: Celebrate with Diversity!

As a committed feminist, I am a firm believer that by virtue of being female, womyn have absolute moral authority. Yes, of course this is an obvious point, but our patriarchic society continues to suppress the truth.

But we shall overcome; more than ever, the day will be celebrated with style and substance – including an event that I will attend:

International Womyns Day: Ronnie Gilbert Keynote Speaker

The Multi Cultural Feminists Group,Humanities and Communication Division,and Diversity Council are proud to present CSUMB's 10th annual International Womyn's Day,"Empowered Voices" We Invite You to Join us for an Evening of Empowered Voices to Celebrate the Phenomenal Womyn of Our Community.Featuring Renowned Folk Singer and Activist Ronnie Gilbert!

International Womyns Day as a multicultural celebration! My veins pulse with excitement and anticipation!

In fact, I will insist that my university also sponsor a Womyns Day event -- where I will be the keynote speaker. It will give me an opportunity to further enlighten womyn on how they can be empowered by embracing multiculturalism:

International Womyn Empowerment, Lecture 1: Female Circumcision

International Womyn Empowerment, Lecture 2: Bride Burnings

International Womyn Empowerment, Lecture 3: Infanticide

I am embarrassed by the superiority of other cultures; to be a womyn in the United States is to be born into slavery. If I was religious, I would simply say “God Damn the United States” -- but I am not religious (although I do respect Islam), so instead, I will continue to lead the fight against the misogynist, racist, and female-despising United States. Perhaps someday, our socialist vision of gender equality will be realized.

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