Saturday, January 26, 2008

Giuliani and the "9/11" Fabrication

I honestly don't know why New York Times editorials are called "opinion" instead of being placed on the front-page as hard news.

Giuliani Does It His Way in New York’s Balmier Precincts

The former mayor goes for New Yorkers’ souls. He tells them that they must never, ever forget to worry.

Terrorism is right outside the door. The mayor is the man to fight it. Osama bin Laden is at large. The guy who tamed New York will find him. Hurricanes? Hizzoner can get the insurance man to pay up. If he could do this up there in the big city, he could certainly do it a few hundred miles south in puny old Washington.

His audiences break away from their ease to witness his dark humor, the muscular, tough-guy image. “I love him,” cooed one √©migr√© from Long Island.

In short, what sort of dunce is suckered in by Giuliani's scare-mongering talk of "terrorism" and "Bin Laden" and other fictions that are designed to tap into the racist core of Amerikkka?

Clearly, such uneducated dimwits reside in Long Island and other suburban precincts. These are places that are occupied by the privileged hoards who feast off the enslavement of brown people everywhere. (Does this remind you of other occupations of enslaved brown people? Like those that begin with the letter "Z"?)

Can anyone tell me why Giuliani is permitted to get away with his 9/11 LIES? People...9/11 never happened!

Can anyone tell me why Giuliani is allowed to repeatedly rape the people instead of being in prison?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hillary and Wal-Mart

My vote matters, and will be very decisive in choosing our next leader.

And so, I was very disgusted to learn that Hillary was on the board of Wal-Mart. For starters, I did not realize that she was a Zionist pig. As we know, the Zionists cannot control the world financial markets without controlling Wal-Mart -- and it is evidently clear from this picture that the Wal-Mart board is comprised of Zionists.

But I was relieved to learn that all is well:

As a Director, Clinton Moved Wal-Mart Board, but Only So Far

Fellow board members and company executives, who have not spoken publicly about her role at Wal-Mart, say Mrs. Clinton used her position to champion personal causes, like the need for more women in management and a comprehensive environmental program, despite being Wal-Mart’s only female director, the youngest and arguably the least experienced in business.

Understand this: The proper function of being a Board Director is to "champion your personal causes".

And understand this: The proper function of being the President of Amerikkka is also to champion your personal causes.

And understand this: She has some very respectable personal causes.

The more I learn about her, the less inclined I will be to support Robert Mugabe at the brokered Democratic Party convention.

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