Saturday, February 28, 2009

Total Justice

An interesting point from the comments:

Are you really suggesting that redistribution will end after the same wealth number is achieved? Then what about the oppressed - the womyn, sun people, transgendered and the like?

"Will redistribution end after the same wealth number is achieved?" happens to be a final exam essay question in my graduate economics class.

Therefore, I cannot give away the entire answer -- but clearly, justice encompasses more than just the economic realm. Certainly, a neocultural paradigm that is contextualized into a presemanticist discourse cannot but be a subtextual post-semiotic stasis.

Is it an illusion? Or is it self-mythopotic?

I fear so, as the whole of injustice can be substruded beyond a mere materialistic perspectual dyneriacticalacticysm.

The cowardice of not sending Attorney General Holder the reparations check that he so merits is but one example of social injustices that are diotronomically and invertudinally so repugnant such that our own President Barack Hussein Obama must also mensaphize and abormalate the vast injustices that have been heaped upon his self, his family, and his people.

The hyponeutorical excess of historical injustices will diminsh only in the presence of post-recordance and midistantual aphorximiatic vectors.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Obligation To Help The Vulnerable

Some of my more malicious students ask impertinent and libelous questions such as: "To what extent are we responsible for assisting the poor and the vulnerable?"

Well...aside from removing any possibility of getting a passing grade, such questions also require legal action that holds these "students" (traitors, really) personally liable for damages. And, yes, this is a remarkably stupid question, completely beneath my stature to answer, and an incredibly inefficient use of my massive brain power.

That said.

Let's start with a state of nature, where wealth can be measured on a scale. Let's say that the poorest person is a "0" and the richest person is a "10". We, as a society, as a community, and as a nation, collectively decide to follow the advice of our moral leaders who decide that no person shall have a wealth beneath a "3".

At that point, people from "3" to "10" are asked to voluntarily contribute money to the impoverished "0" to "2" crowd in order to avoid imprisonment. And we use democratic principles to ensure that most people do not pay this tax; preferably, only the "8" through "10" people will pay it. And with any luck, these richest people (formerly "8" to "10") will become "7" people, as no one has the right to be rich in the presence of so much human suffering.

Now, after this transfer, our improved society has a wealth distribution of "3" to "7" instead of the original "0" to "10".

Do you know anything about scales? Probably not. So pay attention: The "3" people are rescaled to "0" because they are the poorest, and the "7" people are rescaled to "10" because they are the richest. That brings us back to an unjust "0" to "10" society.

And because injustice requires justice, and since we as a society, a community, and a nation have already declared that "0" to "2" is unacceptable (to say nothing of the unequal distribution of wealth), we repeat the process to eliminate poverty -- and spread the wealth -- once again. And, again, it is done in a democratic fashion, since the majority of people, "0" through "7", will either get a well-deserved government check in the mail, or are unaffected.

Rescale the old "3-to-7" to the new "0-to-10".






Does a "0" still look different from a "10"?




In the end, we will achieve social and economic justice when everyone has the same "wealth number".

Friday, February 20, 2009

You Are OWED A Bailout: Credit Card "Debt"

Now that people are being tossed a lifeline to prevent being evicted from their homes for the "crime" of not paying their "mortgage", it is time to extend this principle to other sectors of our economy.

Therefore, the next group of people who require bailouts are those with credit card "debt".

Say you purchased several thousand dollars worth of solar panels for your house with a Visa card, and then realized that you were not able to, in capitalist-speak, "repay" the loan. Now, whose fault is that? Not yours! After all, this transaction could not have happened without banks. And so, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the bankers must be dragged into the streets to receive some People's Justice, and that you deserve a bailout.

Did you know that African-Americans and Latinos (and Latinas) are the most common victims of credit card aggression?
That's right, this is 21st Century slavery. How about some compassion? Isn't that what your "god", Jesus KKKrist told you to do? Instead, it's just continuous racist slaps in their faces.

Well, I think it's time for Amerikkkan cowards to have that serious and frank discussion about race. And I don't care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting. Bastards.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you have to "pay" for what belongs to the people. And, never forget, everything belongs to the people. You are owed everything, and retribution is required for anyone who suggests otherwise.

Fuck capitalism!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


While pondering whether the economic stimulus is actually a good thing (it will inevitably create massive wealth, but wealth is what we must avoid to remain pure), I was also thinking about how we must cherish democracy.

Democracy = The People Speak!

Democracy is what enables the masses of working people to resist the onslaught of the landlords by establishing rent control.

Democracy is what enables the many to vote for low taxes so that the few rich can pay progressive taxes.

Democracy has allowed science to be determined by popularity -- as it ought to be. Fear global warming. Embrace recycling. Or be punished, minority!

Democracy has given us a Democratic Congress and our nation's first genuine President, Barack Hussein Obama.

Democracy will someday free billions of people from world domination of Zionists!

Through democratic institutions such as UNESCO, the people will be freed!

We have the numerical advantage, fascists. We can and will outvote you on our way to destroying you.

Death to Amerikkka!



Sunday, February 15, 2009

Luckily, You Have Me

One of my innumerable great frustrations is that my advice to others is not enforceable by law. (At least, not yet.)

When I approach others and tell them what is good for them, they will sometimes listen to me -- but they will also (to their detriment) not follow my advice.

For example:

- When I see two people pass each other on the street, I will frequently demand that the richer one (in my infallible estimation) give a large sum of money to the poorer person. (And to do it in good faith.)

- When I see a healthy person near a physically challenged person, I will tell the healthy person to express compassion by willingly pouring acid in their own eyes, or breaking some their own toes, or perhaps igniting themselves on fire.

In fact, whenever I see someone not doing something that I myself would do, I must correct it. Why? Because I know more than they do, and clearly have the academic credentials to prove it.

It is therefore mathematically indisputable that the adoption of my demands works to the betterment of society. And from that, the only ironclad conclusion is that my word must be enforced by law; i.e., the people and their army.

Regrettably, this is not the case.

Except in my classroom. Don't expect to pass economics class if you haven't shown concern about our environment by ingesting the decayed juice at the bottom of the dumpster.

And except in Congress. Finally, the rule of experts is The Law.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Peanut Butter Dilemma

Well, what is this all about?

Dead rodents, excrement in peanut butter plant lead to recall

(CNN) -- The Texas Department of State Health Services on Thursday ordered the recall of all products ever shipped from the Peanut Corporation of America's plant in Plainview, Texas, after discovering dead rodents, rodent excrement and bird feathers in the plant.
How can peanut butter be considered "vegetarian" if there are rodent parts in it? You see, this is what raw unfettered dog-eat-dog survival-of-the-fittest capitalism is all about. It's about profits over people. (I just invented that phrase, incidentally.) It's about exploitation. And it's about what I did with my jar of contaminated peanut butter.

Last night, I curled up in front of the food co-op so I could be the first one in this morning. In fact, as it was my "turn" to be exploited in the store's dumpster duty, I was especially livid. And I of course had my peanut butter jar with me, contaminated with rodent parts.
(I did however eat the rodent excrement, as that is part of Nature's Cycle of Sustainability. As opposed to, say, the Zionist Cycle of Violence, where the Zionists cycle through ammunition on starving Palestinian babies.)

Furthermore, I needed to relieve myself overnight, so I deposited my precious so-called "waste" in the peanut butter jar.

So I burst into the store, smashed the jar open on the community bulletin board, and removed the evidence (with glass shards) with my soft, delicate, and knowing hands.

I then looked up at the ceiling, and let out a shriek of despair while rubbing the peanut butter, excrement (rodent and mine), and blood all over my face and beard.

Still shrieking, I approached the manager and spat in his murderous capitalist face: "Do you see this peanut butter? Do you see this blood? Do you see my face? This is the look of RESISTANCE! Do you understand me?"

Before he could offer me reparations, I collapsed from the intensity of the battle.

I awoke later, gently resting on a park bench, with the entire contents of my intestinal tract delightfully absorbed in my recycled clothing. I walked to the laundromat, undressed, and placed my clothing on a folding table. After wringing my vital juices out of them and into a cup for later consumption, I placed my pants into a machine, during someone else's mid-cycle (to save energy), and fell asleep, dreaming of being very close to our new President.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back To Work!

The first post-racial Five-Year Plan has been implemented: The people have jobs again!

[Pelosi's] spokesman, Brendan Daly, said more than two hours after Reid's announcement, "We are moving forward with this legislation, which will create or save more than 3 million jobs."

Obama estimated 3.5 million in his own celebration of the agreement. He said it would "get our economy back on track."

And, under the best economic advisement, the bill will include one of the best incentives to get people to work:

"The emerging legislation is at the core of Obama's economic recovery program, and includes help for victims of the recession in the form of expanded
unemployment benefits, food stamps, health coverage and more..."

The next Five-Year Plan, which needs to overlap with this Five-Year Plan, needs to put even more people to work.
And so, I recommend the following IMMEDIATELY, as we are now locked in a crisis never before seen in the history of the cosmos:

- The return of the seven-day work week.

- Unemployment benefits at union scale, to encourage people to work those seven-day weeks.

- A comprehensive system of free everything for everyone forever (except for the ruling class which The Revolution will continue to address).

- 100% taxation.

- Billions and billions and billions and billions and billions
and billions and billions and billions of dollars for education, so that parents can work continuously while we nourish the minds of our nation's children so that they will not grow into greedy war-mongering capitalists.

Yes we can!

Yes we did!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Very Large Numbers

Most people have difficulty comprehending large numbers. Which is why most people are not suited for careers in academia! And so, they turn to gifted mathematicians/economists/sociologists such as myself for an explanation.

Let's look at an article from today's news to help us (i.e., "you") grasp large numbers.

The Obama administration is promising an aggressive effort to combat the worst financial crisis in seven decades, unveiling a program that could mobilize well over $1 trillion in public and private support to get the frozen credit markets functioning again.

There are two numbers here: "Seven" and "$1 trillion".

Let's examine "seven". Or, actually, "seven decades". That's seven times ten years, or seventy years. That's a lot of time! And though there have been many financial crises in those seventy years, none...none...have been as awful as what we are facing today.

Now let's look at the other number: "$1 trillion". Well, it's hard to think of many numbers smaller than "1"! So, we can address a monumental problem of seventy years by requesting that the obscenely rich return "1" of their stolen money.

You probably feel smarter already.

The new plan would greatly expand an effort to unclog credit markets that provide loans to consumers and businesses. Funding for this effort would see a huge increase from $20 billion up to $100 billion, according to administration officials.

Now we are introduced to two new numbers: "$20 billion" and "$100 billion". What do these numbers have in common? I will tell you: The have "unit commonality". Those are big words! So I'll just put on my "every person" hat to help you understand. Both numbers contain the word "billion". So, basically, they are identical (notwithstanding the fallacious "huge increase" editorializing by the Zionist author of the article -- who will be punished under the 2009 Equal Time Law).

If a total of $100 billion from the bailout fund was used, it would be enough to support an additional $1 trillion in lending support through a Federal Reserve program that was announced in November but has yet to begin operations.

Uh-oh, now we're confronted with "mixed-unit reconciliation". Fortunately, the "100" is much larger than the "1", so in essence, we are "doing more with less". And...I used the phrase "in essence", which is a powerful connotation of my intellectual firepower.

The administration also announced a program to create a partnership between the government and the private sector to get private investors to buy bad assets that are currently weighing down the balance sheets of banks. Congressional aides who were briefed on this plan said that Treasury officials said it could involve between $250 billion and $500 billion in government support.

Thankfully, we're now in the safe waters of unit commonality again, so the numbers can be safely disregarded.

Incidentally, it is clearly excellent public policy to "get private investors to buy bad assets", especially with public money, which as we just learned, is of no mathematical consequence.

I Didn't Realize There Were So Many Economists In Europe

Survey: 31% of Europeans blame economic crisis on Jews

An Anti-Defamation League report published on Tuesday showed that nearly half of the Europeans surveyed believe Jews are not loyal to their country and more than one-third believe they have "too much power" in business and finance.

The study further showed that 31% of the respondents across Europe blame Jews in the financial industry for the current global economic crisis.

I have already launched a lawsuit against economics textbook publishers that conveniently omit these facts.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Twelve Reasons Why You Should Support President Obama's Economic Stimulus

1. It's a free lunch. Has any supporter of this bill discussed its costs? No. Therefore, there are no costs. All gain, no pain.

2. It increases the federal deficit. I cried and wailed when Mister Bush increased the deficit -- but now, I embrace it as a foundation of forward-looking economic progress.

3. It spreads the wealth. I am especially fond of tax credits that shift money from those who "earned" it to those who deserve it.

4. Demand up, prices DOWN. Any Nobel-prize winning economist can tell you that when demand is stimulated and people buy more and more things, then prices drop. When demand goes up, prices some down. Less is more!

5. It is an EMERGENCY. The emaciated corpses are rotting in the open sewers and the streets are running with blood. How much more suffering can we endure? This bill must be passed yesterday.

6. Experts always know what is best. Speaking as an expert myself, I of course know what is best for others. But of what use is this knowledge unless it is converted to action and enforced by law? And that is why the entire "spending sector" needs to be controlled by government.

7. It's green. Our toxic environment has shortened our lifespans to an all-time low. Global warming has already claimed millions of lives and has eradicated the diversity of life on this planet. This is why we need, now, without debate, thousands of new hybrid-electric government vehicles and comprehensive reconstruction of every government office building. Millions of homeowners everywhere are now demolishing their own homes and replacing them with new structures incorporating windmills and ocean energy -- so let's allow them to pay taxes for the government to do the same!

8. It is a bipartisan initiative. Or, at least it will be after we educate the Nazi GOP go along to get along.

9. Did someone say "Digital TV Coupons"?

10. It is post-racial. This is a bill devised by our newly-elected post-racial African-American leader, teacher, and mass mentor, President (and Ph.D?) Barack Hussein Obama. Opposition to the bill is therefore racist, and diminishes the stature of President Obama to the typical white person's caricature (and desire) of tossing slaves into gas chambers, just like the Zionists imaginary false claims about themselves. Free Gaza!

11. More government workers, more government contractors, more government projects. Is there anything more stimulating than millions of government workers at the beck and call of the citizenry? Well, perhaps only this...

12. It enhances my late-night Presidential fantasizing. Just ask this lady (and especially her commenters). I too have an insatiable appetite for Obama...and the Obama family!

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