Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back To Work!

The first post-racial Five-Year Plan has been implemented: The people have jobs again!

[Pelosi's] spokesman, Brendan Daly, said more than two hours after Reid's announcement, "We are moving forward with this legislation, which will create or save more than 3 million jobs."

Obama estimated 3.5 million in his own celebration of the agreement. He said it would "get our economy back on track."

And, under the best economic advisement, the bill will include one of the best incentives to get people to work:

"The emerging legislation is at the core of Obama's economic recovery program, and includes help for victims of the recession in the form of expanded
unemployment benefits, food stamps, health coverage and more..."

The next Five-Year Plan, which needs to overlap with this Five-Year Plan, needs to put even more people to work.
And so, I recommend the following IMMEDIATELY, as we are now locked in a crisis never before seen in the history of the cosmos:

- The return of the seven-day work week.

- Unemployment benefits at union scale, to encourage people to work those seven-day weeks.

- A comprehensive system of free everything for everyone forever (except for the ruling class which The Revolution will continue to address).

- 100% taxation.

- Billions and billions and billions and billions and billions
and billions and billions and billions of dollars for education, so that parents can work continuously while we nourish the minds of our nation's children so that they will not grow into greedy war-mongering capitalists.

Yes we can!

Yes we did!


BHCh said...

Obama grossly underestimated employment gains.

Imagine you spend just $100K of public money on a single union employee at the Ford factory. Think you gained one workplace? Think again!

Our worker will spend his money in supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants and on union dues. He will therefore ensure gainful employment of a number of shop assistants and union reps. Not only that, but the farmers, the truck drivers, waiters and the factories will all have gained employment thanks to this expenditure. Don't forget that he will manufacture vehicles thus ensuring gainful employment for car salesmen for many years to come. Oh, and the tax that he pays will can be spent on even more job creation.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Obama and I agree that you have chosen to watch over our childen

you will be the new czar over bowel movements! let us know who the soft ones are will ya?

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