Friday, March 30, 2007

Iran: Victims of The British Pigs

And so we see that no empire is too big for the British Imperialists. Not being content with dominating and enslaving the entire World of Color, they brazenly invaded the peaceful Islamic Republic of Iran. The British, pigs that they are, knew that their porcine presence would defile the Islamic faith.

Simply put, this was yet another grotesque Western attempt to exterminate the indigenous ones.

It was a naval incursion, designed to repress and further subjugate an entire people for their sin of having been born into the wrong religion. But the Iranian People said NO! And they fought back, just as determined as when they defended themselves against the war-mongering Amerikkkan Embassy employees in 1979. At the time, I begged my Iranian students to PLEASE take hostages at my university, to show solidarity with their struggling brethren across the world. They did not, and so I was left, alone, to exercise my First Amendment rights by expectorating in the foul face of the dean.

And look at how civil the Iranians are: No hoods, no electric shocks, and no beatings. The Iranians have been restrained. Unlike the Zionists, who invented the phrase "disproportional response", all the Iranians want is to be treated with respect.

And the solutions are clear:

- Reparations to the Iranian People

- Reparations to Muslims

- Reparations to all People of Color

- World Socialism Now!

Until then, I too will feel invaded and raped, just like Iran.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Weep for Darfur

I weep for Darfur.

While the Zionist-controlled Amerikkkan killing machine wantonly perpetuates the most immense and obscene crimes in the history of the world, the children of Darfur suffer.

Why must this be?

Because when children of color are murdered, no one gives a damn. In Darfur, as I write these words, there is a Black Holocaust.

And how shall we put an end to this holocaust? By boycotting Fidelity Investments. As always, you can't spell "Holocaust" without "capitalism". When the mutual-fund managers are dragged into the streets and beaten as the murderers they are, then the Black Holocaust will cease. When the Zionist-backed murderers in Darfur realize that Fidelity Investments is no more, then they will stop the killing.

The destruction of capitalism is the only answer.

And don't forget to donate to anyone who needs money to support our cause in Darfur.

I weep for the children.

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