Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Weep for Darfur

I weep for Darfur.

While the Zionist-controlled Amerikkkan killing machine wantonly perpetuates the most immense and obscene crimes in the history of the world, the children of Darfur suffer.

Why must this be?

Because when children of color are murdered, no one gives a damn. In Darfur, as I write these words, there is a Black Holocaust.

And how shall we put an end to this holocaust? By boycotting Fidelity Investments. As always, you can't spell "Holocaust" without "capitalism". When the mutual-fund managers are dragged into the streets and beaten as the murderers they are, then the Black Holocaust will cease. When the Zionist-backed murderers in Darfur realize that Fidelity Investments is no more, then they will stop the killing.

The destruction of capitalism is the only answer.

And don't forget to donate to anyone who needs money to support our cause in Darfur.

I weep for the children.


Anonymous said...

Dr. (x3) Kurgman,

You have not posted in a while. Is it because you are weeping for Darfur so severely?

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