Friday, August 22, 2008

OK, Now I'm Scared

The apocalypse is upon us:

FDA to allow food producers to irradiate spinach, lettuce

The Food and Drug Administration has approved use of irradiation on spinach and lettuce to kill dangerous bacteria, but companies may have a tough time selling the idea to consumers.

And you can certainly count this consumer as one who the genocidal capitalists will have a "tough time" selling the idea to.

Not since I was instrumental in banning microwave ovens from campus have we been faced with such a threat to our existence.

Contrary to the health benefits of enjoying organic produce that was fertilized with human (vegan) feces, "irradiated" food is simply a nuclear holocaust on your dinner plate.

How does irradiation work? By immersing fresh greens in nuclear waste for weeks. Then they are delivered to Walmart, where they are further "enriched" them with uranium isotopes. In fact, this is how Walmart murders their employees when it is not convenient to instead lock them in burning stores overnight.

Irradiated food will destroy your brain. See how its proponents are capitalist lackeys? It is because the irradiated food triggered the "cruelty" and "stupid" lobes in their brains. That stupid people advocate irradiation is proof that irradiation made them stupid.

Furthermore, irradiated food has also been sent by Amerikkka to North Korea, where is has caused a "famine". No, this was not an ordinary famine; it was nuclear murder. Just as, years ago, the Zionists sent irradiated food to Ethiopia as part of their plan of worldwide extermination and domination.

The capitalist-industrialist-colonialist-imperialist-fascist-racist class will no longer fool us.

No nukes. No Nukes!! NO NUKES!!!

I now have to tend my garden; it needs fertilizing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bush, Cheney and Rice; Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels

With what moral authority do these mainstays of the neoconservative, corporate elitist, greedy, self-interested Washington regime speak, when in their own closet there are skeletons lab
elled Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Guantanamo, mass murder, war crimes, illegal invasion, torture, illegal detention, disrespect for international law, denial of due process, rape...?

If they think that like Himmler, they can win hearts and minds through concentration camps and torture, history
taught the Soviet Union (which lost 26 million of its sons and daughters freeing Europe from Fascist tyrrany) and the rest of the world a solemn lesson which forced the enlightened among us to vow never to allow the story to be repeated again.

Yet like Hitler, these three try. And they do not give up. And they keep on provoking time and time and time again.

If only these were my words, but they're not.

Instead, I am pleased to see that Pravda has been liberated.

Here's another article, this time about KKKondoleeza Rice:

The constant arrogance and hypocrisy of this failed female makes it that much more apparent that here is a person way out of her depth. Instead of regarding sensitive issues from a balanced viewpoint as she is supposed to do, this incompetent loud-mouthed, bad-mannered, bullshit-mongering bimbo takes one side, ignores the other and then speaks down from a holier-than-thou platform as if she were on a lecture dias.

This is not a classroom, Condoleezza Rice, and you are not a diplomat. You are a liar, a cheap, shallow, failed, wannabe actress on the diplomatic stage. This is the real world and out here, you have to be prepared to face up to your responsibilities.

Once again, my students will be required to subscribe to Pravda, and embrace the joyous melodies of the people's voice.

The fascist US of KKK is indeed a germ of corruption that will be removed soon.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Capitalist Pyramids

One is old, one is new -- but they are both horribly and frightening real.

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