Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Didn't Realize There Were So Many Economists In Europe

Survey: 31% of Europeans blame economic crisis on Jews

An Anti-Defamation League report published on Tuesday showed that nearly half of the Europeans surveyed believe Jews are not loyal to their country and more than one-third believe they have "too much power" in business and finance.

The study further showed that 31% of the respondents across Europe blame Jews in the financial industry for the current global economic crisis.

I have already launched a lawsuit against economics textbook publishers that conveniently omit these facts.


NOMAD said...

I am glad not to find the french percentage

um I saw the same thread n Atlas Shrug !!!

BHCh said...

In France 33% think Jews have too much power in business...


The French have always been at the forefront of progressive European thinking.

Anonymous said...

I think the word NEARLY is the key word here! apart from the fact they don't have a country! Oh don't you say it I kick them outta there sheesh before yeshua bin josef was born (jesus to you followers)

So back to nearly....

if ya ain't haven kids
inna 100 years
jews will be havin to count there blacks again

that's the days when I was teachinum math wow they are good

pissed me off they knew no shame!

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