Saturday, February 18, 2006

"9/11" Never Happened

I think that there is sufficient reason to believe that the purported events of “9/11” never happened. Of course, the media and politicians will not entertain a scholarly inquiry into the truth of 9/11 (you will get shouted down for even raising the topic), but at least I can discuss it here.

So, let’s think carefully about reasons to doubt the so-called “hijacked airplanes”.

A) We already have irrefutable proof that the Pentagon “crash” never happened.

B) We have information on the WTC hoax that proves, frame by frame, that things weren’t what you thought.

C) If it is so obvious that these crashes happened, then how could there possibly be so many different accounts of the truth?

And now, let’s think about WHO…

A) Gained by “9/11”?

B) Used 9/11 to steal the 2004 presidential election?

C) Used 9/11 to justify a genocide in Iraq and threaten another genocide in Iran?

D) Is affiliated with a military contractor that made millions of $$$ off this genocide, and funneled the money to oil companies to destroy natural habitats (and indigenous peoples) in Alaska, and then went on to murder the only witness during a “hunting accident”?

Furthermore, if so many people were killed, then how could their “families” be so vocal? Shouldn’t they be mourning?

How could the so-called “hijackers” have been from Saudi Arabia, since we know that the Saudis are our friends?

How could the hijackers have been Muslims, since Islam is Peace? Even our moron president knows that!

If everyone is so sure that 9/11 happened, then why are they afraid of a scientific inquiry? Their very resistance to scholarly research is proof that they have something to hide! I say: “9/11” did not happen!


Anonymous said...

Please kill yourself. Please.

Anonymous said...


Lenoxus said...

Chuckle-worthy, assuming that was indeed your intent. My favorite part if definitely "how could there be so many accounts of the truth?" It helps explain why you have so many PhDs -- all you had to do was rewrite your thesis to correspond with a different theory of your topic. After all, it's not like any one possibility could ever be somehow "more correct" than any other -- who among us would be so unfair?

Anonymous said...

very well put. i agree to an extent. but however. i do belive it happened...but that jsut mabey bush idk paid them or even blackmailed them into doing this. the pentagon however. complete bull

Anonymous said...

i have to say this is the most disgusting, appalling this i read!!! we all know 9/11 happened! anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly a dimwit!

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