Monday, April 24, 2006

Higher Education: NOTHING is More Important

According to government statistics, there are more college graduates than ever before in the U.S. – meaning, of course, that people are therefore becoming more educated –- and intelligent -- than ever.

But first, some background. While only 15% of the population over 65 have a Bachelors Degree or higher (i.e., the dumb generation), 28% of those aged 25 to 34 (i.e., the intelligent generation) have that level of education.

(Incidentally, only 1% of the population holds a doctorate; the percentage with three doctorates is too small for a normal mind to comprehend.)

Now, some people claim that this increase in college graduates is a result of an accelerated evolution of the human mind. Although I respect such views, I will leave such speculation to the experts in aphoristic existentialistic nomicism. Far more likely, it reflects the desirability of students to postpone their fate of capitalist slavery in exchange for a few years of enlightenment from insightful professors. And, of course, we also know that one's chances of success in life are determined exclusively by the reputation of their university.

And that is why it is so disturbing to see "studies" (such as this -- just absolute garbage) which fraudulently claim that attending elite colleges does not result in higher earnings.

Going to an academically elite college does not necessarily boost your earnings potential compared to a less elite college, according to a study by Princeton University economist Alan Krueger. In his paper "Estimating the Payoff to Attending a More Selective College," published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, a school's selectivity, as measured by matriculants' average SAT scores, does not correlate with students' later income, once the abilities of the students upon entering college are taken into account....The researchers not only looked at the schools that students attended but also where they were accepted and rejected. They found that where a student applies is a more powerful predictor of future earnings success than where he or she attends.

First of all, as a distinguished professor at a quality university, I am offended by this assertion. So offended, in fact, that I might sue for libel. But legalisms aside, even the dimmest fascists who spread these lies must realize the axiomatic cause-and-effect between superior instruction and an outcome of superior graduates.

Put another way, you are your university. A person can only be defined by where they went to school, where they teach, and the number of degrees they hold. And given those facts (especially the last one), it is therefore plainly evident that my expertise in this area cannot be debated. My lawyers are at the ready.


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