Thursday, November 23, 2006

Private Property is Theft

Private property is theft.

In fact, there can be no such thing as private property because everything in Amerikkka has been the result of theft. Look at it this way: If something is stolen, then how could the thief have any claim to it? And isn't Amerikkka the biggest thief that the world has ever seen?

Now, how exactly has this theft occurred?

1. By stealing land. From the genocide of the Indigenous Peoples to the colonization of Latin America and the Middle East (with help from the insidious Zionists), Amerikkka has expropriated endless land.

2. By stealing resources. Oil in Iraq. Coffee beans in Latin America. Cocoa in Africa. The military invades, rapes the Indigenous, and carries the booty onto waiting ships.

3. By stealing labor. From slavery in Amerikkka to present-day slavery in Africa and Asia, Amerikkkans benefit from the work of slaves around the world. In fact, the Haliburton plants in Mali produce the mutagenic isotopes that are used to poison the Indigenous everywhere. For profit.

The above three items account for everything you see around you, from aeronautics to biotechnology to entertainment to telecommunications. It's all been stolen from the Indigenous Sun People from Elsewhere.

The solution, clearly, is to immediately nationalize every sector of the economy and ban all private property. Only then will Amerikkka achieve the greatness seen by other, superior societies where nothing was ever stolen.

I am, of course, referring to the USSR. Their land was immense. Their natural resources, from oil to farm land, were abundant. And their labor force cheerfully worked for the glory of The Fatherland. And the result, of course, was triumphant equality. Until they were undermined by the moron Reagan and his bag of filthy Zionist tricks.

If I were not tenured, I would move to an honest country, like Cuba, tomorrow.


Lexcen said...

All men are created equal, but some (like you Prof) are more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

The lovely and loving Soviets usually called it the 'Rodina' or 'Motherland', but I'm sure you knew that and were just testing our loyalties.

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