Thursday, November 02, 2006


There is no activity more important than voting, except paying your taxes and maybe jury duty (to free the accused). So, Why is voting so important?

A) Morality is guided by popularity. This is why we organize street protests -- to show the world that our causes are legitimized by our numbers.

B) Voting expresses the will of the people. If I recall, Saddam Hussein received precisely 100% of the vote before racist Amerikkka attacked him, and thereby denying the will of the Iraqi people.

C) Voting is a show of equality. "One man, one vote" may sound misogynist, but it is demonstration of how no one's opinion is more valid than anyone else's.

D) Voting is fair. Under capitalism, people with different wealth and different desires live different lives. But if we all voted for what we eat, what we wear, etc., then we could all be identical in our blissful equality.

E) If you think that Point (D) contradicts our goal of achieving diversity, then you obviously do not have a PhD.

F) People are not capable of governing their own lives, but excel at selecting leaders to run their lives for them.

G) It encourages political advertising. You can learn as much from political ads as you can from listening to NPR.

H) People's parties from Cambodia to Cuba to the CCCP have sacrificed so that you can vote for their brethren in Amerikkka; do not let them down.

I) One vote can determine an election. Happens all the time.

Please, peeps, remember to vote.

No matter who you support, when Election Day comes, please vote for The People's Party -- or at least vote Democratic.

Also, my spectacular PhD candidate, Kathy, prepared a beautifully-written essay on the meaning of Election Day ; it is worth reading.

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