Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Holiday Message to The Guantanamo Resistance

To My Brothers and Sisters in The Guantanamo Bay Torture and Extermination Camp:

Welcome to the Winter Solstice!

As you are preparing your observance of the solstice, please accept, from me and my students, our best holiday wishes. We understand that you have been subjected to numerous indignities, such as being served non-vegan meals and being denied proper receptacles for sorting various shades of plastics (and other man-made environmental atrocities). You are forced to wear uniforms that are made by slaves working without mandatory early-retirement benefits. You helplessly watch Amerikkkan military vehicles produce emissions that are melting the polar ice caps -- and you fear that no one has issued life preservers as the rising sea levels threaten to engulf your prison camp. And the transgendered among you are living with the insult of being denied the right to use the restroom of your choice.

All this demeaning subjugation and all this raw torture is being inflicted on you because you dare to speak truth to power. And because you speak for the people. And because you dare present yourselves with your rich olive hues in the presence of this murderous racist regime.

But just as the days will soon be growing longer, you too have every reason to be optimistic. This is because you are not alone. We are your fellow comrades in the struggle to end oppression, racism, sexism, occupation, and capitalism --and we stand with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, in solidarity with your mission to destroy the fascist Amerikkkan government and their Zionist puppet-masters.

How ironic. How ironic indeed! How very ironic that we are now the enslaved and you are our liberators. And how ironic that as our liberators, you are now being enslaved. And yet...how ironic, that once again, by virtue of our skin color, everything we possess is the product of your efforts. But yet, but yet, but yet...we must rid ourselves of all possessions, as material wealth is the antithesis of the revolutionary spirit. And it will be that spirit that shall liberate us, and will liberate you, and will ruthlessly crush our powerful oppressors. You see, these are the precise conceptual formulations and pleotheric frameworks that white people are incapable of grasping! But our peace movement will prevail, oh wonderful People of The Sun!

We must prevail so that we can all be liberated to forge a program of rapid self-extinction. The working class must be freed so that they can join the rest of this filthy human race as it melts into oblivion. Oppression commands liberation, and liberation commands extinction. May the working people prosper, but may materialism and prosperity be extinguished.

I do not fear violence. For violence in the name of Global Liberation is our most compelling device to express love for our Earth! And as Amerikkka is the sworn enemy of Earth, the stage is set for the final competition between Amerikkka and Earth. Between The Slave-Owners and The Slaves. Between The Capitalists and The Socialists. Between The Humans and The Species.

Hear my words, Oh Mighty People of The Sun! The Revolution is almost upon us! You will soon be free to join us in our final struggle!

But until then, I weep. I weep for the people. I weep for the children. And I weep for The Earth. I weep for you, my Brothers and Sisters of Color, who have been targeted for extermination. We have all read about so-called "genocides" of the past. And as a result of these lies, we have are now immune and indifferent to the real genocide that is happening today, to you. And I weep.

At once, I am the oppressor and the victim -- an irreconcilable paradox that will always ensure my destiny as a focal point for all of humanity. It always is, ultimately, about me.

A hopeful Solstice to you all.

I hate Amerikkka.


Professor Peter Kurgman and His Students


Anonymous said...

Your next PhD should be in the social science of humility. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

what a fuckwit

Anonymous said...

This is a joke, right?

Just checking.

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