Friday, January 26, 2007

Capitalism vs. Intelligent Design

I've come to realize that although the term "socialism" exudes a caring feminine warmth, it does not address the cold male-obsessed drive for impersonal calculations. So, perhaps socialism should also be called "Intelligent Design" -- that is, a functioning economy and social system that can only be the product of Intelligent Designers.

Let's look at capitalist myths vs. Intelligent Design (ID) truths:

Capitalist Myth: "Free markets" evolve to an optimal economic efficiency

ID Truth: This is nothing more than a description of a cruel Darwinian "survival of the fittest" jungle. It is not possible for free markets to "evolve" to anything; only an Intelligent Designer can create things. Among other things, the principal of "irreducible complexity" states that a progressive state cannot exist if even one of its pillars is missing. Can you imagine a city without buildings? It could not function! Therefore, it must all be created simultaneously by an Intelligent Designer with a Plan.

Capitalist Myth: "Free-market" competition encourages traders to offer the best possible terms of exchange.

ID Truth: Free competition leads to the poverty of the working class. Only an Intelligent Designer, like the AFL-CIO, can bring universal prosperity.

Capitalist Myth: Freedom to design and produce has led to technological innovations; i.e., as better products evolve over years and generations, inferior products are driven out of the marketplace.

ID Truth: The ridiculous "evolution" process does not work -- and even if it did, it could be entirely bypassed if an Intelligent Designer (like the Democratic Party, or better yet, a Mao Zedong) legislates solutions from the start. Example: The intelligently-created Trabant was such a success that it hardly needed any improvements.

Capitalist Myth: Nations with the least government and an unscripted economy are the most advanced.

ID Truth: Nonsense. "Least Government" is a racist codeword for slavery and moral bankruptcy. Only an Intelligent Designer with an Action Plan could have achieved Cuban health care, Eastern European economic miracles, Turkmenbashi statues, and the humanity and clarity of Korean Juche.

Capitalist Myth: The history of The United States shows that free markets have been accompanied by improved standards of living.

ID Truth: To the extent that the Amerikkkan slave state has any respectable standard of living, it is because of its government's growth. (Econometrics states that when two things happen at the same time, it is because one caused the other.)

The "free market" is unproven, deeply flawed in theory, and empirically unsupportable. And that is precisely why it cannot, and is not, taught "side by side" with a science like Intelligent Design in our classrooms.

And certainly not in my classroom.


Lexcen said...

Not since Karl Marx, has someone emerged with the intellectual stature of yourself, prof.

Anonymous said...

Dr. (x3) Kurgman,

Do you have a theory as to why the Soviet Union collapsed?

Professor Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...


The USSR collapsed because of the American hegemon, funded by slavery. Thankfully, however, President Putin is setting things back on course.

Professor Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD

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