Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why I Like Obama

"The outlaws of Exxon Mobil will never again rob us."

-- President Hugo Chavez, Feruary 10, 2008

"I know that it won't be easy to change our energy policy. ExxonMobil made $11 billion last quarter. They don't want to give those profits up easily."
-- Barack Obama, February 12, 2008


Anonymous said...


If Obama wins the Presidency it will be difficult to claim that racism is past. Therefore you must both support him sufficiently to ensure that Blacks continue to support us but not sufficiently to let him win.

Similarly, if Clinton wins it will be difficult to claim that sexism is past.

Therefore it is vital that Democrats vote Republican to demonstrate to our two biggest client groups that Americans are racist or sexist.

PS: Don't show this memo to female or black party members and especially not to black females.

Professor Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

Lenin -

Thank you for your comments; you clearly excel in proactive strategizing.

However, this patriarchal misogynistic racist society will not be corrected by the presence of a female or Sun-Person President alone.

From Congress to the corporate boardrooms, we will not rest until the ruling class looks either like Harlem or at least like the wymyn activists at the farmers market.

And at that point, the workers will unite to demolish the working class before voluntarily accepting human extinction for themselves.

I assume that is clear.

Anonymous said...

But Dr.(x3) Kurgman, aren't you troubled by Obama's repeated statements that he supports the Zionazis? I can't in good conscience support anybody other than Hugo Chavez. Unless that Uday/Maya Angelou ticket ends up panning out.

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