Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bush: Let's Send 20,000 Helpless Children to Their Death

I did not watch our Chimpanzee-in-Chief make his appalling speech last night; I simply have too many other things to do.

But I will still express my horror that Adolph Bush has ordered the deportation of 20,000 soldiers...our helpless children! their deaths in his vast extermination camp in Iraq.

The solution is clear: We need to support our troops by bringing them home and placing them in taxpayer-funded public daycare centers.

I care about children. And I support the troops. And our troops are just...babies! Babies being led to slaughter.

We must welcome them home, feed them mashed bananas, give them lifetime benefits, and prosecute them for war crimes.

They might be babies, but they are also part of the iron-fisted imperialistic Amerikkkan war machine. Our only hope is through 75th-trimester abortions; it's what we won in Roe vs. Wade.

We must protect our babies from harm, but we must also recognize them as killers.

Is that too hard to understand?


Anonymous said...

Professor Kurgman,

What do you hope will happen in Iraq after the monster Bush is forced to withdraw his iron-fisted army of proto-Nazi thugs? Do you support the Shia or the Sunni in their attempts to control the country?

In addition, I am still somewhat confused as to who I should support in the conflict between Hamas and Fatah. Like any civilized human being, I desire to support all enemies of the Zio-Nazis, but should I be happy or sad when Hamas puts a Mafia-style hit on a "Fatah Senior Official"? Should I support the PLO Phased Plan using a Palestinian State as a Trojan Horse against the Zionists or the Hamas plan to destroy Israel immedately? I am SOOO confused!!

Professor Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

Dear Anonymous:

The Zionists are a tricky bunch, aren't they! You would think that they would have enough to do with their demolitions of Palestinian homes, their raping of Palestinian wymyn, and the urination on their holy books.

But no, just as they pit Hitler and Stalin against each other, they are now instigating hostilities between our Palestinian friends.

Everyone should listen to Abu Mazen and point their weapons at the Jews. That will lead the way to liberation.

But I am not an anti-Semite! Can't anyone say the slightest thing critical about the Zionist Supremacist State with being given that label?

Zionist Lapdog said...

Well, professor, it looks like some of the Lebanese are embracing your dialectic:

Professor Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

Zionist Lapdog:

Perhaps you have heard Comrade Chavez describe how the Bolivarian Revolution and the Islamic Revolution have the same goals.

That, I submit, is the essence of diversity.

Baconeater said...

It is actually 20,000 not 2,000.
You must be so used to eliminating 0's when you reprint Holocaust numbers that you screwed this one up.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Professor, your fan over on "Meine Ecke" is a true genius of the highest order.

What a classic!

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