Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A New Blog That's About Me!

Here's a new blog that's devoted to comparing me with the racist filth of the Libertarian National Party.

Apparently, this is part of a class assignment where the pupils critique blogs that are opposite in nature. I salute the professor who gave this assignment, and approve of his student's decision to compare my teachings with "libertarian" propaganda.

But, as I am also a professor (and one with many more PhD's to be sure!), I will help this student.

Young man...the main differences between myself and the enemy who you compare me with are the following:

A) I love humanity, and that is why they need strong leadership to guide them. The enemy believes that people know what's best for themselves.

B) We are all equal, and anyone who does not recognize this must be punished. All discrimination must be outlawed -- whether it's based on race, religion, gender, gender preference, veteran's status, height, weight, criminal record, or any abilities either natural or learned. The enemy believes that individuals can choose with whom they associate.

C) There is no such thing as an "individual". We are a large undifferentiated collective mass. No one has the right to be different from anyone else. However, I support diversity! The enemy fails to understand this.

D) I admire Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, and Kim Jong-Il. The enemy admires Hitler and his wife Ayn Rand.

E) I believe that materialism is evil and that the working class deserves more money. The enemy fails to understand this, too.

F) I believe that we must all follow the orders of the state, and I am also opposed to slavery. The enemy, unbelievably, cannot understand this either.

Again, I am flattered that another academy of higher learning has selected my teachings as representative of the progressive agenda.

I see some future PhDs in the making!


Anonymous said...

I would only like to add that you are compassionate while they are not. We, the compassionate people, believe that all those who are not compassionate must be made to suffer dearly. That'll teach them!

BHCh said...

Oh, my! Nathan will go a looong way. I love his entry from January 10th, 2007: "I am starting to wonder if this doctor is actually a professor..."

Good to see your efforts winning over young minds from the dark side of libertarianism for I have no doubt that your views will prevail. The only way for them not to prevail would be if Nathan were crazy.

That's how the science of psychotherapy worked in the USSR: you are either communist or crazy. In the latter case your place in the in the mental institution. Therefore the rumours of dissidents being held in asylums by force were false by definition: these people were simply crazy.

He seems to be quite a gifted young man, albeit not a free academic mind like Kathy

Professor Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

Mr. Shlemazl -

I have often felt that the prisoners of our mental hospitals and homeless shelters should be exchanged for the leaders of so-called "businesses".

I miss the USSR so.

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