Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bush, Cheney, Google vs. The People's Cube

Talk about right-wing bias.

Google (which I never fully trusted anyway because they are profitable) has elected to purge The People’s Cube from their search engine. If you do a search for “People’s Cube”, it will not return a single reference to the site.

This proves beyond all doubt that Google is in the pocket of Dick Cheney and his idiot puppet Bush. Think about it. Cheney, a convicted murderer attempting to avoid the death penalty (the irony!) is trying to create a distraction. And so, he instructs Google to wipe out his biggest adversaries – starting with those who are attempting to expose him for what he is. And Google, flush with their profits of exploitation, needs Cheney in order to expand their Chinese sweatshop operations. This is the capitalist marriage of our worst nightmares.

Who will be the next victim? Code Pink? The Communist Party USA?

And we should be especially worried about the worst possible outcome: Cheney’s Brownshirts and The Google Eisengruppen accost me and sentence me to Guantanamo Bay, as they do with all their enemies who are fighting for equality and justice. I can already envision them flushing one of my many dissertations down the toilet and forcing me to break my vegan diet.

Tomorrow, I shall call the ACLU – assuming that they are not already on the case, working 24/7 on behalf of The Peoples Cube.

I truly detest The United States.


Karridine said...

Professor Kurgman?

I abase myself with the sheer ignominy of your soaring intellect. You must shore soar.

Me, however, would like to record your excellent post for the Minions of Lucre, and put it up free on mine humble web log, Brain Surgery with Spoons dot blogspot dot com.

If you don't say no, I'll take it as yes. I'm a non-profit endeavor. Wasn't planned that way, just de facto AM!

Professor Kurgman, PhD, PhD, PhD said...

Mr. Karridine:

I am impressed that you are a non-profit endeavor, but am perplexed by your lack of academic credentials.

Regardless, there's a vast ocean of people who yearn for my sharp insights, and of course it is my obligation to feed their hunger for knowledge.

Certainly, any reference to my teachings is a step in the right direction to feed the masses and accelerate revolution. Give them the privilege of prefacing their thoughts with the phrase, "Doctor Kurgman has opined..."

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